About Us

We are a company that well knows health depends on good and quality food. In this fast-paced life, due to poor nutrition and low quality products, new diseases are emerging and others are exacerbated. Today, people are increasingly in need of "real" food.

BodPie Food Ltd is a Bulgarian company with a production activity: gluten-free flour. When started our business we only processed rice, but today, thanks to new technologies, we have introduced production of maize, chickpea, buckwheat and millet flours. Our products result from mechanical treatment of grain without using chemicals and preserving agents. A very important element in the production of gluten-free flours is their "purity" or lack of gluten. That is why only cereals that do not contain gluten are brought to the entrance of our mill. Такинг care to our customers, we strive to offer them pure gluten-free flours at an affordable price.